The Masseria

The farm has belonged to our family since 1700 (the year it was built).
In 1992 together with my husband Antonio and my children Valerio and Stefania, we renovated and launched the Agriturismo.
The farm is part of an agricultural estate of 25 hectares and consists of a large courtyard, wide green pastures surrounded by woods able to be explored on foot, the olive grove, the vineyard and the seventeenth century trulli, unrivalled examples of genuine architecture made from local stone.
There is also the courtyard with cockerels and hens, and the small church, where my marriage was celebrated. I live with my family in the ancient stone manor house.
Sisina und Pina, unsere Esel, sind ein fester Bestandteil unserer Familie.

We produce an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We produce our oil from the fruits of a few varieties of Apulia olive trees: Nociara, Leccina, Ogliarola and the local Nozzarola.
The olives are picked with care and transported to the oil mill within 24 hours in order to obtain, through a traditional system of squeezing them called “a freddo”, oil with low acidity.
Is possible to buy extra virgin olive oil, red wine, white wine and jams.

Anna Maria Aprile